Perkasie Borough is proud to present a balanced budget for 2024.  Borough Council passed the 2024 budget in December 2023. The budget process was challenging this year as we continue to face increased costs related to Electric and the collection of Refuse and Recycling. 

Investing in our Electric Infrastructure remains a priority; in 2024 we will continue the installation of smart meters and we have plans to replace transformers at our sub-station.   Additionally, the Borough continues to see an increase in power purchases each year due to higher transmission and distribution costs.   Overhead costs such as Hauling and Personnel related costs continue to rise for the collection and disposal of curbside solid waste and recycling.

Despite these factors, the impact on residents is limited to small increases in fees for Electric and Trash.  To help offset the increased costs, Council voted to take the following measures: 

  • Residential electric usage rates will increase by .01¢ / KWh. The new rates, as listed below, will take effect in the February billing cycle:

First 200 KWH  $.1724
Next 800 KWH  $.1580
All Addl.  KWH  $.1388 

  • Effective immediately, the quarterly Toter fee has increased by $7.50/per quarter.  The new fee is $82.50 per quarter. 
  •  Effective immediately, the fees for the Pay-As-You-Go bag system are increased by .50¢, as listed below:

Large (green) Bags …….. $3.75
Small (black) Bags  …….. $2.75

 2024 will be the third year that Council has approved the 3 mill increase for the dedicated road tax.  This dedicated road tax has made it possible for the Borough to continue with repairing the most vulnerable roads.  In 2024 we will be including 9 roads as part of our annual road program. 

A full copy of the budget is available online at perkasieborough.org for anyone who would like to review it.

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