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Boards & Commissions

Citizens appointed by Perkasie Borough Council aid in the administration of specific functions. A full list of Boards & Commissions, including a list of their members and an overview of the function of each group, appears below.

Perkasie Borough Seeking Volunteers for Various Boards & Commissions

Perkasie Borough Council seeks Borough residents who would be interested in volunteering to serve on various appointed Boards, Commissions and Authorities.  The following positions offer a unique opportunity to serve your community and learn more about municipal services:

            1 resident for the Parks & Recreation Board

            2 residents for the Property Maintenance Code Board of Appeals 

            1 Youth Park and Recreation Delegate – Must be a high school Junior or Senior

Interested Perkasie Borough residents should apply by completing the application below, by submitting a letter addressed to the Perkasie Borough Office, 620 W. Chestnut Street, Perkasie or by calling Megan McShane at the Borough Office at 215-257-5065 Ext. 109.  

Perkasie Borough Council is also seeking a resident to fill the following Youth position:

Youth Delegate - Parks & Recreation Board

Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB)

The ZHB performs an important function in reviewing appeals and variances to the Borough Zoning Ordinance. The ZHB usually meets on the fourth Monday of each month. ZHB members serve a 5-year term. Alternates are residents who stand in for ZHB members that might be unable to attend hearings. Alternates serve a 3-year term.

Member Expiration
Laura Auger 2026
David R. Barndt, Chair 2027
Suzanne Bower, Alternate 2025
John Knouse 2024
Timothy Rimmer, Secretary 2025
John Wilcox, Sr. Alternate 2025
John Yannaccone, Vice-Chair 2028
Colby Grim, Esq., Solicitor N/A

Perkasie Park and Recreation Board

The Board advises Council on issues associated with Parks and Recreation. The Board usually meets on the third Tuesday of each month. Board members serve a 3-year term.

Members must be willing to assist at evening and weekend parks and recreation programs. The Youth Delegate is a Council appointed non-voting member and is a High School Junior or Senior.

Member Expiration
Lynn Kllus-Rainey 2025
Joan Loeb 2026
Joel Nieto 2025
Robyn Rapp 2025
Kathleen Rocchetti 2026
Jamon Yerger


Dave Worthington, Council Representative
VACANT, Youth Representative

Planning Commission

The Commission advises Borough Council on land use planning, zoning proposals and the Borough’s Comprehensive Plan. Members serve a 4-year term. The Board meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month when there are agenda items requiring review and discussion.

Member Expiration
Kim Bartells 2026
Maureen Knouse, Chair 2027
Kelly Laustsen 2026
Mary McKay 2027
Heather Nunn, Vice Chair 2025
Dale Schlegel, Secretary 2025
Mairi Schuler 2024
Jeremy Wano 2026
David Weaver 2026
Judith Stern Goldstein, Planning Services

Property Maintenance Code Board of Appeals

Members have at least 10 years of experience in a relevant field; a detailed list of qualifications is available at the Borough office. The Board of Appeals serves a quasi-judicial function but meets just a few times each year as necessary.

Member Expiration
Keith Heil 2024
J.R. Hunsberger 2026
Robert Winn 2025
Dave Worthington 2023

Board of Appeals for Uniform Construction Code

The Board hears and rules on appeals, requests for variances, and requests for extension of time regarding building code matters. Members may not hold any other office in the Borough. The Board meets only as an agenda requires.

Jeff Crozier, Secretary
Keith Heil
Cheryleen Strothers, Chair
Mark Hosterman, Esq. – Solicitor – Wisler Pearlstine LLP

Pennridge Wastewater Treatment Authority

The Authority establishes rates for sewer treatment and oversees the operations of the regional sewer treatment plants. Members serve a 5-year term. The Board meets on the fourth Monday of each month.

Member Expiration
Randy Faulkner 2028
Keith Hass 2028
Steve Rose 2025

Perkasie Industrial Development Authority

The Authority is a conduit for private financing of economic development projects in Bucks County. Members serve a 5-year term. They meet only when they receive an application.

Member Expiration
Charles W. Baum, Secretary 2028
Dave Caro, Chairman 2028
Neil Fosbenner, Treasurer 2024
Jonas Homa 2024
Paul McColgan, Vice Chairman 2024
Marc Davis, Esq. – Solicitor – Fox, Rothschild

Perkasie Regional Authority

The Authority oversees the water and sewer utility. Members serve a 5-year term. The Authority meets on the 2nd Monday of each month.

Member Expiration
Steve Algeo 2028
Thomas J. Horn 2025
Greg Martin 2026
Victoria Miller 2027
David Watt 2024
John Schaeffer, Esq. – Solicitor

Civil Service Commission

The Commission is responsible for personnel administration for Police Officers in the Borough, including oversight of testing, promotions and review of disciplinary matters. Members serve a 6-year term. The Commission meets only when necessary.

Member Expiration
Kim Bedillion, Alternate 2028
Catherine Carman, Alternate 2027
Dan Gilbert 2026
Dale Haring, Chairman 2027
Mark Orth, Alternate 2027
Edwin White, Secretary 2029
Gavin Laboski, Esq. – Solicitor

Perkasie Borough Council

The Borough’s governing body consists of a Mayor and nine Council persons, three from each of the Borough’s wards. Council is organized into committees that cover all areas of municipal government responsibility. The Borough Manager, appointed by Council, serves as the Borough Secretary. Council members are elected to 4-year overlapping terms. The Council meets on the first and third Mondays of each month.

View a full list of the elected Borough Council members with their ward and contact information.

Vacancy Board

The Vacancy Board would select a candidate for Borough Council should a vacancy occur during the regular term of office of a Council member. The Board is composed of the remaining members of Borough Council plus one citizen member who serves as Chairman and acts as the tie breaker.

Member Expiration
Bill Beno 2024

Perkasie Borough

Borough Hall
620 West Chestnut Street
P.O. Box 96
Perkasie, PA 18944

Phone: 215-257-5065 Fax: 215-257-6875

Mon to Fri: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm