Electric Service

The electric department evolved from a desire to improve street lighting. It began with the installation of a generator which supplied electricity for the street lights.

The first electric power plant was constructed in 1900 at a cost of $11,500. The demand for power grew rapidly, and the decision was made in 1947 to retain a distribution system. It was at this time that the first agreement was made with PP & L to supply wholesale power to Perkasie Borough. A modern substation was built in 1995 and is being used today to distribute electricity to the Borough.

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Transfer Electric Service (please contact Perkasie Borough)

Tenant | Name, address moving to (including apartment number, first floor, etc), date to have electric transferred, social security number, date of birth, drivers license number and phone number if one has been established.

Property Owner | Name, address of property, date and time of settlement, settlement agency and phone number (title or abstract company), social security number, date of birth, drivers license number and phone number if one is established.

To cancel electric service when moving out:

Call the Borough office at least 24 hours prior to move out. Supply the following information:

Tenant | Name as it appears on your electric account, account number, address moving from, forwarding address, social security number.

Property Owner | Name as it appears on the electric account, account number, address of property being sold, settlement date and time, settlement agency and telephone number (title or abstract company).

Go to Perkasie Borough Electric Rates for current rates and examples of bill calculations. Our fee schedule includes other costs associated with our electric service.


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