Street Sweeping Starts June 13

The Borough of Perkasie will begin its annual street sweeping program Monday June 13 and continuing Tuesday June 14, Wednesday June 15 and Thursday June 16.   These dates may be changed as this is a weather dependent project. Streets will be swept by an outside contractor, beginning at 7:30 AM.  The street sweepers will follow a specific route assigned to them by the Public Works Director.

In order for residents to be aware of the schedule, the street sweepers will be cleaning streets in the section of the Borough that corresponds to the day your refuse gets picked up.  For example, if your refuse is picked up on a Monday, you can expect the street sweepers to be in your area on Monday of that week. Tuesday refuse pick up would mean sweepers would be there on Tuesday, etc.  This schedule is weather dependent and may be adjusted accordingly.

Signs will be posted at the entrance to these areas to remind residents to be watchful for the sweepers. Residents are strongly encouraged to remove their parked vehicles from the street, on the day of sweeping, in order to allow the sweepers to clean the curb line.

Street sweeping is an important component of storm water management practices as it reduces sediment build up and decreases silt accumulation in storm water that flows into our local streams. Street sweeping also helps with weed control, and in addition, beautifies the overall appearance of Perkasie Borough.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel welcome to contact the Perkasie Borough Public Works Department at 215-257-6860.