Wind Turbine

Harnessing Wind in Our Borough

Information on Perkasie’s own small-scale wind turbine in Lenape Park.

Governor Rendell and the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority selected Perkasie Borough to receive a 1.8 kW wind turbine through the Small-Scale Community Wind Project on July 21, 2006. Perkasie Borough was one of 15 local municipalities, public authorities, and school districts to receive a wind turbine. With the right wind, each turbine can generate enough electricity to power a typical home.

The program was brought back to life by Governor Rendell after years of inactivity.  A $193,000 grant was awarded to Southwest Windpower to place the advanced technology wind turbines in highly-visible locations across the Commonwealth.

Perkasie Borough received the wind turbine and basic installation at no charge. The wind energy system is mounted in the ground on A 35-foot tower and will generate 1.8 kilowatts of electricity. It is valued at $10,000.

This location was selected for its visibility to the public, as it is not the most windy location in the Borough. The Borough hopes the windmill will get people thinking about wind power as a way to supplement their energy needs.




Located in Lenape Park across the street from Perkasie Square, passer-bys on Constitution Avenue get a clear view of the wind turbine.


The rotor diameter measures 12 feet and rotates clockwise looking upwind. The blades are made of a fiberglass reinforced composite.


Standing 35 feet high, its full 1800 watts is achieved at 20 mph with a maximum rotor speed of 325 RPM. Because of the exceptionally low RPM, the machine operates very quietly.


A visually aesthetic shape played a key role in the design to show that a wind generator is not only a clean source of energy but pleasing to the eye.