Volunteer Spotlight – What Our Volunteers Have Done

In Perkasie, our volunteers have done some pretty amazing things. In an effort to showcase, well, their efforts, the Borough has dedicated this page to our volunteers. Are you a Girl Scout, Boy Scout, or member of an organization interested in completing a project in the Borough? Whether you have a specific project in mind or not, we would love to hear from you. E-mail us or call the Borough when you are ready to lend a hand.

Summer/ Fall 2011

Cleaning Our Parks

The Borough crews do their best to help keep the Borough parks clean. They spend hours picking up trash, cleaning up graffiti, mowing the grass, and raking up the leaves. But if it weren’t for the silent work of a handful of others, the parks would be a whole lot worse. Three members of our community have been working silently through the years, picking up trash as they walked through the Borough’s extensive park system. Working as the sun rises, these helping hands clean up the litter left by others. Jim Pritchard and Tom & Jerri Connoly were recognized for their service this Fall at a Borough Council meeting. Thank you for your help!

Streambank Restoration Project

The Borough could not have obtained this grant without the support of this community. More than a dozen community organizations stepped up to give a letter of support for the project. All of those organizations donated volunteer time, discount plantings, labor or other supplies. Volunteers poured in to help with this project from the very beginning. Dozens of members of this community stepped in to help fill sand bags for the cofferdam, install the cofferdam, and plant trees and shrubs on the newly installed cribs. Thanks to our volunteers, the Borough had over 2,100 sandbags filled! Volunteers over the last month have logged about 215 hours filling bags. Visit this grant project’s webpage.

Spring/ Summer 2011

Trolley Tunnel Beautification Project

Girl Scout Meghan Kennedy Until this year, the Trolley Tunnel connecting 7th Street (at Walnut Street) to 8th and 9th Streets was a frequent target of graffiti. Thanks to the hard work and motivation of this 9th grader, the trail now boasts safety lighting and a beautiful mural of the history of the Borough. And within the next few weeks, an 8-foot asphalt trail will allow easy access between 7th and 8th Streets. Beautiful flower beds were carefully crafted by Meghan and her fellow Scouts. A local Boy Scout Troop helped repair the steps leading up the hill by the Stoudt Cemetery.

Fall 2010

Expanded Accessibility in Borough Parks

Boy Scout Brandon Lederach In September, Perkasie Borough resident Brandon Lederach completed a community service project that helped him achieve the rank of Life Scout with Boy Scout Troop 1. The Borough has strived to provide access to community parks, with paved paths and special swings. Now the Borough has two new handicap accessible picnic tables aimed at providing a better life for others in the community. One table is located in Menlo Park near the Lions’ pavilion and the second table is located in the section of Lenape Park behind the Little League field and adjacent to the stage. Brandon completed the project with help from his fellow Boy Scout Troop members and support from the Borough’s Public Works Department. The Borough would like to thank Brandon for donating his time and talent to better the community.

The Borough’s Year-Round Volunteers

The Perkasie Garden Club

They maintain the Cannon Gardens at Menlo Park, the beautiful planters in front of many Borough businesses. This group also sponsors a garden tour and holds a yearly plant swap. The Perkasie Garden Club is a group of people that loves making the Borough beautiful, and they do a fantastic job at it! In addition to beautifying the community, the club has also donated gardening books and magazines to several local libraries. The club also brings in gardening experts and speakers for special events. The Garden Club was formed in 1992, starting in Perkasie, but now contains 60 to 70 members, from Green Lane to Bedminster, from Hatfield to Harleysville.

Appointed Officials

The Borough has nine different Boards, Authorities and Commissions that meet on a monthly or quarterly basis. With terms ranging from three to five years long, the dedicated folks that are appointed to these positions play a large role in shaping our community. It takes almost 50 residents to fill every seat on each committee. Their backgrounds, skills, hobbies and experiences all lend a unique perspective to their respective position. The Borough even holds two spots for community-minded youth to fill. A non-voting position on the Borough Council gives a Pennridge teen a real-life perspective on how their local government works. The second spot is on the Borough’s Park & Recreation Board, where a youth voice can help the Board understand how the youth view the future of recreation in the Borough. More information on the various appointed committees Are you interested in helping serve your committee through one of these appointments? View a list of opportunities!

Prodesco Park Clean-Ups

For several years now, Prodesco employees have donated their time to help clean up the parks. In the past, this group of over 50 individuals has helped the Borough with painting projects, park clean up, graffiti removal, branch clean up and general maintenance. A big “thumbs up” to this Perkasie business!