Streambank Restoration Project

Current Project Status – Completed!

April 23, 2012 – On Saturday, March 30th, local Boy Scout Troop 79 installed over 450 live stakes into the rebuilt streambank in Lenape Park. With that complete, the grant project is officially finished! The dedication sign was installed in early April as well so that people using the path can read about the organizations that funded the project, the local businesses that supported it, and the volunteers that helped build it. Photos of this part of the project can be found below in the photo gallery titled "Planting the Trees & Live Stakes".

February 8, 2012 – It has been over a year since the Borough learned that they were awarded the DEP grant that paid for the majority of the project and the Borough and local volunteers are working hard to finish the project by early spring. Local Boy Scout Troop 79 has committed to help the Borough install the live stakes into the side of the new bank on Saturday, March 31st beginning at 8:00 AM. The group will meet near the bathrooms by the Little League fields. Participants should enter the park from the Walnut Street entrance. The volunteers will venture into the stream for this part of the project. Late last year volunteers helped plant trees and shrubs on top of the new bank. The root structure from these new plants play an integral part in holding the bank together.

The live stakes grow out the side of the bank towards the stream, with their root structure protecting the bank from the flowing water.

The Borough has installed new signs down at the stream designating the stream bank as a "No Mow Zone". The Borough plans to allow the vegetation to grow on the banks to help protect it. The Borough will also be installing a sign about the grant project as a tribute to the funding organizations, local businesses and community members that helped complete the project.

November 7, 2011 – Wow! We had over 20 volunteers show up for the big tree planting event! They succeeded all of our expectations and planted close to 60 trees in a little over 3 hours. In total, they logged close to 100 volunteer hours. What an accomplishment! THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS! Look in the photo galleries below for pictures.

October 28, 2011 – We need volunteers! On Saturday, November 5th, the Borough needs the help of volunteers to plant trees and shrubs in the new cribs. We will meet at 8:30 am at the bathrooms by the Little League Fields. Please enter Lenape Park from Walnut Street. We will all walk to the cribs from their. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided to all volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please e-mail the Borough’s Assistant Borough Manager, Andrea Coaxum at

October 6, 2011 – Over the next few days, topsoil will be used to patch any low areas on top of the cribs and then grass seed mix will be put down. The asphalt trail will be milled and patched as needed. The trees and shrubs paid for by the TreeVitalize grant have been ordered and will be picked up next week. We will be contacting volunteers next week to see if we can get enough people together to help plant the trees. The live stakes will be planted in the final stage of the project – next March (depending on the weather). The project is almost complete!

September 13, 2011 – Most of the construction has been completed on the streambank and the path has been opened again. The asphalt path that was damaged from the heavy equipment is expected to be repaired during the month of September, along with a final layer of topsoil for the down stream end of the project. The concrete blocks used to create the cofferdam will be removed soon as well – they helped protect the new streambank during the flooding. Once the grass, new trees and shrubs (to be planted soon) are established, their roots will protect the streambank from erosion when flooding occurs.

August 18, 2011 – Yesterday the Borough was notified by the Bucks County Conservation District that the Borough’s TreeVitalize grant application has been approved. The Borough had applied for $2,520 to purchase 53 trees and 13 shrubs. About 13 trees and all 13 shrubs are expected to be used in the construction area in Lenape Park. The rest will be planted in other areas along both sides of the creek to help stabilize the streambank. Once the trees are planted, the Borough will be increasing the “No Mow Zone” to allow natural plant growth. The roots from these plants will protect the streambank for years to come and hopefully prevent further erosion. The grant will also pay for material to help ensure the trees grow successfully – stakes to support the bare root trees, Tubex to protect the trucks from deer, and watering supplies.

August 5, 2011 – The contractor is moving quickly on the project. The rip-rap has been laid on the upstream half of the project and they have started constructing the crib wall structures. NOTE TO USERS OF THE BIKE TRAIL – Please respect the barriers being used to close the path. The contractors are using heavy equipment and need the area clear to maneuver their equipment. We are moving as quickly as possible to get the project completed and the trail open. Thank you.

July 25, 2011 – Borough employees were assisted by a group called Hands In Service today to lay the plastic sheeting in place. The plastic sheeting was draped over the concrete blocks to help keep the water out of the project work area. This part of the project went a lot faster than expected, taking only a few hours to complete. The real test will be next week when the contractor begins to pump the water out of the cofferdam. August 1st is the day that the contractor is allowed to begin building the crib walls.

July 22, 2011 – The concrete blocks are in place! Rick, from Rick’s Crane Rental, picked up each block with the crane. Borough employees were able to stage the blocks while others stood in the waist-high water and guided the blocks into place. It took just under 200 six-foot long blocks to create the dam. At a height of only three feet, we had to stack them two high to make it high enough to keep the creek out. Luckily, the project is being done when the stream is at its lowest. Next week, Borough employees will work with members of the PBA to cover the blocks with plastic and secure it with sandbags. Thanks to our volunteers, the Borough has over 2,100 sandbags filled! Volunteers over the last month have logged about 215 hours filling bags.

July 18, 2011 – The Borough began setting the concrete blocks in place today to build the cofferdam.

July 11, 2011 – The Borough awarded the contract to the low bidder, Flyway Construction, on Monday night. This contractor will be constructing and installing the crib walls. We still need to fill several hundred more sand bags before the end of next week. A big THANK YOU to all the people who have stopped by so far to help out! Call Dan Gilbert at 215-257-6860 if you’d like to volunteer. Next Monday, July 18th, the Borough will work with Rick from Rick’s Crane Rental to put the concrete blocks into the creek. This is the first step in creating the cofferdam that will keep the water away from the work zone.

June 14, 2011 – The Borough will begin to remove the invasive plants from the work area. It is important that the root system of these invasive plants be killed completely so that they do not continue to grow after project completion. The majority of the area between the streambank and the bike path is filled with poison ivy, making access and removal very difficult. Signage about the project will also be installed today along the path.

The Project

With the creek rapidly eroding the bank of the East Branch Perkiomen Creek (EBPC) down in Lenape Park, the Borough decided to apply for a Growing Greener Watershed grant in hopes of funding the monumental project of stabilizing the bank.

In early January, the Borough of Perkasie was awarded $117,500 for the project. The entire project is budgeted at $198,375.00. The Borough has proposed a match of $80,875. A total of $75,000 of the match will be labor by our Public Works Department, Perkasie Borough Authority, and Pennridge Wastewater Treatment Authority and volunteers. We estimate administrative costs to be around $5,875.

The project entails removal of invasive species, installation of vegetated crib walls, and enhancement of the existing riparian buffer with native species of both smaller plantings (shrubs, live stake plantings) and trees. Vegetated crib walls are proposed to re-stabilize the embankments with a more natural solution, rather than poured concrete or gabion baskets. There is limited work area between the existing paved trail and top of bank.

Because of the size of the components of the crib wall (timbers, stone, earth backfill and live cuttings can all be transported and installed with relatively small earthmoving equipment), limited work area and equipment needed for installation, the crib walls are a feasible means to provide a permanent, environmentally sound solution. The crib walls will provide a cost effective means to reduce erosion, enhance water quality, prevent additional soil from entering the creek and improve wildlife habitat and ecological diversity. The secondary benefits of this project include improvement of the aesthetic qualities of the park through re-establishment of the riparian buffer area with native plantings to allow continued enjoyment of the park by the public.


The EBPC is heavily used for fishing and other forms of outdoor recreation associated with the many parks and other recreational areas along the stream corridor. The aesthetic value provided by the creek itself cannot be underestimated in the heavily developed areas through which it flows. The high volume of public use of Lenape Park magnifies the importance of this project and its impact on the public perception of the local environment.

Get Involved!

The Borough could not have obtained this grant without the support of this community. More than a dozen community organizations stepped up to give a letter of support for the project. All of those organizations donated volunteer time, discount plantings, labor or other supplies. The Borough is very thankful for all the volunteers from Borough residents and businesses that helped complete the work.

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The construction involved installing cribs built out of timbers. Below are two videos showing how the large cribs were put in place.

The Project Location

Lenape Park is located along Constitution Avenue and W. Walnut Streets in the Borough. The streambank to be stabilized is east of the Twin Bridges. From the Little League fields, head toward Sellersville on the bikepath. The streambank restoration will be done on the bank about 500 feet after you pass the Twin Bridges on the north side of the creek (opposite the ice skating rink).

Project Supporters

The Borough could not have obtained this grant without the support of this community. More than a dozen community organizations stepped up to give a letter of support for the project. All of those organization’s donated volunteer time, discount plantings, labor or other supplies.

Below is a list of groups that have pledged their support. THANK YOU! (Click on any green text to go to that organizations website.)

CKS Engineers, Inc., Doylestown, PA (Engineers for the project)

Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery (Provided Native Plants & Trees)

Octoraro Native Plant Nursery (Provided Native Plants & Trees)

Pennridge Wastewater Treatment Authority

Perkasie Borough Authority

West Rockhill Township

Feeney’s Wholesale Nursery, Buckingham, PA

Bucks County Conservation District

Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission

Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy

Pennridge High School Science Department

Bucks County Council of the Boys Scouts of America Troop 67 & Troop 1

Schuylkill Action Network’s Planning Committee

Creekside Nursery, Perkasie, PA

Perkiomen Valley Trout Unlimited

Perkasie Garden Club

Upper Bucks County Area Vocational Technical School

Contemporary Gardens, Perkasie, PA

Judge Charles Baum

Rick’s Crane Rental

Schoolhouse Learning Center, Sellersville, PA

Prodesco, Perkasie, PA

Perkasie Lions Club

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