If you are traveling on, 

  • 5th Street from Market to Blooming Glen,
  • Market Street from Ridge Road to 7th Street,
  • Main Street from Callowhill to Walnut,
  • Constitution Avenue from Walnut from the Borough line with Sellersville to the Borough line with Hilltown,
  • Ridge Road within the Borough,
  • West Park Avenue from Ridge Road to the border with East Rockhill Township at Holly Drive and.
  • Tunnel Road from Ridge Road to the East Rockhill Township border, 

you may be dodging potholes.  These roads are classified as “state roads” and as such the Commonwealth (PennDOT) maintains them.  Perkasie Borough does not maintain or repair these roads. [The Borough does have a winter maintenance agreement with PennDOT to plow and salt all of these roads except for Ridge Road (entire length) and Walnut Street from Constitution Avenue to the border with Hilltown.]

Let PennDOT know if you have concerns about the conditions on any of these roads.  The PennDOT Customer Care Center (CCC) is a portal for the residents of Pennsylvania to submit their concerns.

PennDOT defines a Concern as something that requires PennDOT attention for resolution such as potholes, drainage issues, or deer carcass removal. 

A concern should not be submitted for immediate needs or issues that could create safety concerns, like missing signs or roadway hazards. If the concern requires immediate attention, please call 1-800-FIX-ROAD to be connected directly to the county maintenance office in your area. PennDOT requests that you refrain from using derogatory language whenever submitting a concern.

For Emergencies, please call 911 in addition to submitting the concern for PennDOT review.