Menlo Group Use

Menlo Aquatic Center has opportunities for private parties and groups, during operating hours or after hours (Fridays and Saturdays only). In order to reserve a party you must be a season pass holder (for longer than the current season), or a resident of Perkasie Borough or be sponsored by a season pass holder or borough resident. Fees are for a three hour rental and parties are limited to 100 people.


The lessee is required to provide a Certificate of Insurance evidencing $1,000,000 in Comprehensive General Liability insurance, naming the Borough as certificate holder. All guests are required to follow all Menlo Aquatic Center Facility Rules and regulations, set by Perkasie Borough and Menlo Aquatics Center management. It is the duty of the lessee to inform all attendees of their party of the rules and regulations. By holding a party at the Menlo Aquatics Center, each individual in attendance agrees to the Menlo Aquatics Center Liability Waiver found by clicking here.

Rules & Regulations

All patrons are required to follow all rules and regulations set by Perkasie Borough and Menlo Aquatics Center management. Please review both the Facility Rules & Regulations and Pool Features Rules pages.

Age Requirements

Children ages 13 and younger must be accompanied by an adult (age 16 or older) to enter the pool.

All children under the age of 12 must pass the deep water proficiency test before using the slides, rock wall, diving board, or swimming in the diving well. A child who has not passed the swim test and is under 12 years of age may not swim in the competition pool without an adult within arms’ reach at all times and is not permitted to swim in the diving well. The deep water test requires individuals to swim two laps on their stomach (50 yards) without touching the bottom or side wall and to tread water for two minutes. Children who complete the test will receive a colored band to indicate that they have passed the deep water proficiency test. Swim tests will be held every hour, on the hour. Additional swim tests can be scheduled in advance for large groups upon request.

Important Pool Rules

Diving Board
  1. All dives or jumps off of the diving board must be straight forward. No twists, flips, back dives, back flips, or tricks are permitted.
  2. Only one bounce is allowed.
  3. One person on the diving board at a time.
  4. You must wait until the person in front of you exits the pool before diving.
  5. Do not touch the fulcrum (rotating wheel) to adjust the board.
  6. Immediately exit the pool at the ladder next to the diving board.
Rock Wall
  1. No more than two climbers at a time.
  2. Do not swim under the rock wall while other people are climbing.
  3. No hanging on the glass panel at the top of the wall.
  4. Feet first entries only.
  5. Exit the rock wall on the left. Do not swim under the slide.
  1. You must enter the water feet first either sitting or laying down.
  2. Wait for the attendant at the top of the slide to tell you when to go.
  3. Goggles, swim masks and snorkels are not permitted.
  4. Exit the pool immediately at the ladder or stairs by the end of the slide.
Leisure Pool
  1. Any child under 48 inches tall” must be accompanied by an adult to ride the lazy river.
  2. No diving or horseplay.
  3. Do not swing on the ropes in the activity pool.
  4. Tubes are required to enter the lazy river and are not permitted in the whirlpool or fountain area.
  5. Do not sit on, walk on or jump over any wall in the leisure pool area.