Menlo Facility Rules

We want you to have fun on your visit to our community pool! We ask all visitors to read and understand the facility rules before your visit. By understanding and following the rules, our staff, including lifeguards, can focus on maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

  1. Swimming is not permitted when there is no lifeguard on stand or duty.
  2. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by and under the direct supervision of an adult 16 years or older.
  3. Glass in any form will not be permitted at the aquatic facility.
  4. Patrons who appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed in or near the aquatic facility.
  5. Alcohol beverages of any kind are prohibited.
  6. Socializing with on-duty lifeguards is prohibited.
  7. Pets, except service dogs, are not allowed at the aquatic facility.
  8. The aquatic facility and the surrounding area will be cleared of all persons during squalls, heavy rain, and thunder storms for a period of 30 minutes or longer, depending if the storm continues.
  9. Aquatic facility employees are not responsible for lost or stolen possessions of patrons.
  10. Climbing on the lifeguard stands or using lifeguard for other than emergency use is strictly prohibited.
  11. Aquatic facility employees must be obeyed at all times, and have the authority to suspend privileges for the day (or portions of the day) for the individuals who repeatedly violate the rules or regulations. Multiple violations may result in longer suspension of privileges with Borough approval.
  12. Admission fees will be collected poolside by a cashier/ bath house attendant upon entering the swimming area. All patrons must get their key tag pass scanned to enter the pool. All patrons entering the pool facility, regardless of purpose (e.g. swimming, sunbathing, child supervision, etc.) will have to pay an entrance fee.
  13. All swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  14. Persons with colds, skin infections, or open wounds are not permitted to enter the pool.
  15. Contaminating the pool walkway is prohibited.
  16. Swimmers must wear clean and appropriate swimwear. Cut-off jeans or pants are not authorized. Swimming with eyeglasses is permitted if they are safety glasses and properly secured with appropriate straps.
  17. Swim diapers are required for children who are not toilet trained. Regular disposable or cloth diapers are not permitted in any of the pools. Swim diapers can be purchased at the front desk.
  18. No eating, drinking, nor gum chewing is permitted inside the pools. No open flames are permitted (portable grills etc.)
  19. Portable radios, televisions or music devices (except small devices equipped with headphones) will not be permitted by patrons in the pool enclosure at any time.
  20. Running, pushing, dunking, or excessive splashing is strictly prohibited. Loud, boisterous, or unruly conduct or behavior will not be permitted.
  21. All diving will be a forward jump, i.e., a forward dive straight off the diving board with one bounce.
  22. Back dives and dives with flips, rotations, stunts, maneuvers or tricks are prohibited.
  23. All patrons under the age of 12 years must pass a swim test to use the diving board, rock wall and slide in the competition and leisure pools.
  24. All patrons must be 16 years or older to participate in Lap Swim and Water Walking during the appropriate time frames.
  25. No floats, tubes or other water floatation devices are allowed in the competition pool and leisure pool with exception of Borough approved tubes for the lazy river.
  26. Mistreatment or abuse of public property will not be permitted and may result in suspension of privileges.
  27. Hanging, tugging on lap lanes and swimming under ladders are not permitted.
  28. Smoking is not permitted in the pool area or in front of the main door.
  29. The wading pool is designed to be used by children under the direct supervision at all times of a parent or guardian. All general safety rules that apply to all pools must be adhered to in the wading pool.
  30. Patrons may not occupy a locker longer than a day.
  31. Skateboards, roller blades, skates, bikes and scooters are not authorized on the pool deck and surrounding the front entrance way.
  32. No loitering.
  33. All patrons with daily passes must sign a liability waiver.
  34. Swim tests will be administered every hour, on the hour in the first lane of the competition pool. Swimmers must swim 2 full laps (50 yards) without touching the side of the pool. After swimming 50 yards, swimmers must tread water for two minutes. Swimmers must swim under the rope between the shallow and deep end during the test.
  35. No refunds of any kind will be given.
  36. Have fun!