Perkasie Borough Council Reduces Building Fees to Encourage Economic Development

Resolution 2014-2 | 2014 Fee Schedule

Perkasie, Pa. – In a move initiated by Council Member Matt Aigeldinger, Perkasie Borough elected officials sent a loud and clear message to residents, business owners, and developers welcoming improvements, growth and development in the town. At their meeting on Monday, January 20th, the nine-member Borough Council voted unanimously to approve a new fee schedule for 2014 that cuts many building, zoning, and subdivision & land development fees by 50% for the remainder of the year.

All of the fees included in the reduction are listed on the Borough’s website. Building and construction fees for residential construction, additions, garages, and accessory buildings, including demolition and roof permits, have been cut in half. Electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits were also reduced.

“Reducing the fees will allow current property owners and businesses to complete necessary repairs to their home for less money,” stated Jim Ryder, President of Perkasie Borough Council. “And by making those improvements to their property, it will help increase the value of their property and that of the rest of the neighborhood and ultimately the Borough. Perkasie is a great town to live in and do business.”

Fees related to non-residential development and subdivisions will also see a 50% reduction, although those associated with professional review will continue at the same rate.

“We’re creating an ideal situation for current and new businesses or all sizes, and investors. It’s really like having a sign that says ‘Open for Business’ in Perkasie,” said Council Member Matt Aigeldinger. “We have a few unique parcels in town that would be a great opportunity for development or redevelopment. This move will provide an incentive for businesses to move forward with their plans to renovate an existing building or build new on an empty lot.”

At the turn of the century, Perkasie was the hub of commerce and has a rich history of providing unique manufacturing services to the rest of the nation. Baseballs were hand sewn by the locals for many years right in town, along with the manufacturing of cigars. There were dairies, and two brick factories and hosiery that made ladies’ undergarments. The rich architecture of the past is still in place all around town and provides something outside the ordinary for residents and businesses to consider.

“I’ve been here for 40 years and would love to see a new, vibrant Town Center,” stated Council Vice-President Jim Purcell. “Reducing the fees associated with building and land development is going to make it more affordable for homeowners to make needed repairs to their homes or even move forward with additions that they’ve been dreaming about. We’re all excited to see what happens in Perkasie over the next 12 months.”

More information on the fees can be found on the Borough’s website (click here) or by calling the Borough at (215) 257-5065.

Resolution 2014-2 | 2014 Fee Schedule