Electric Information

Rate Schedule for Businesses

For more information on the current rates for Borough businesses, please see the Electric Rate Ordinance effective November 2008. For questions concerning billing, please contact the Borough at (215)257-5065.

Sales Tax Exemption Form

This exemption is for manufacturing entities in the Borough.The exemption is allowed per Section 32.25 of the Pennsylvania Code. To exempt a portion of a customer’s electricity sales from tax, the manufacturing entity must complete form REV-1220, Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate, and have it on file with the Borough.

Looking back, manufacturing entities may elect to file a request for a refund directly to the state with PA-65, Board of Appeals Petition Form, to recover amounts already paid. Taxpayers can go back three years for refund amounts of the sales tax already paid. Please click here for more information.

Reliability Pricing Model (RPM) Demand Response Program

At the January 19, 2009 meeting, Borough Council approved an energy-savings incentive program for select businesses in the Borough. Electric customers that can curtail a minimum of 100kW of load or customers having generation with a capacity of 100kW can receive a credit for participation in the program. For more information, please click here.

Energy Saving Tips for Businesses

Here’s a checklist of energy-saving measures that cost little or nothing and will return big savings on your energy bills. They are easy to implement, whether you own or rent your work space. Please click here.