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On May 10, 1879, the Court of Common Pleas granted the petition for incorporation to the 68 residents of Perkasie. At that time, Perkasie covered 1,640 acres. This rural community has grown to cover 15,034 acres with over 8,000 residents living within its boundaries. Perkasie was named after the Manor of Perkasie, a tract of 11,462 acres located in Bucks County that had been owned by William Penn. The word “Perkasie” comes from the Lenape Indian word “Poekskos-sing”, which means “where hickory nuts are cracked.”


Go to Government for information regarding Perkasie’s governmental structure. Go to Board Members for names, addresses, phone numbers and term expirations for members of all Perkasie board members


Before establishing a business within Borough limits, you must contact the Zoning Officer to make sure the chosen location allows the proposed business type. In order to establish a business in a particular location, a zoning variance may be required. The Zoning Officer and Code Enforcement Officer can assist you in assuring that the proposed business will meet all borough codes prior to any investment being made.

Use and Occupancy Permits

A use and occupancy permit is required for any business established within borough limits prior to opening. This includes established businesses that are acquired by a new owner. Permit applications may be obtained at Borough Hall, 620 West Chestnut Street and the cost shall be determined by the fee schedule. 

Be aware a Certificate of Use & Occupancy must be obtained prior to the start of business operations.

Home-Based Businesses

A home occupation is considered a non-residential use conducted within or administered from a portion of a dwelling used as a permanent residence that meets the definition of general home occupation or light home occupation and is the secondary use of the dwelling. A permit application can be obtained at Borough Hall. The review and approval/disapproval are handled by the Borough Manager.

Electric Service

Electric service is provided by the Perkasie Borough Electric Department. A security deposit may be required for new accounts. All accounts are billed monthly with bills being mailed at the end of each month and due on or around the 15th of each month. Please call 215-257-5065 to establish electric service prior to start of operations and also to cancel service before vacating the premises.

Water and Sewer Service

Perkasie Regional Authority, 150 Ridge Road in Sellersville, provides the Borough with water and sewer service. PRA and its predecessor, the Perkasie Water Company, has been supplying Perkasie Borough and East Rockhill Township with safe, reliable drinking water since 1895. The water quality always meets or exceeds EPA standards. For water and sewer service, call 215-257-3654 weekdays, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


The principal borough taxes are Earned Income Tax (E.I.T.) and real estate property tax. The E.I.T. rate is 1.5% that is split between the borough (.5%) and the Pennridge School District (1.0%). The Borough property tax rate millage is 5.75 (1.0 for the fire company). The rate applies to assessed value as determined by Bucks County. The Local Services Tax is $52 a year. Real Estate Transfer Tax is 2% (the Borough receives 1% and the State receives 1%). For questions regarding taxes, please call:
  • Real Estate Tax Collector, Judith Patton, 215-258-3442
  • Board of Assessments, Bucks County Court House, 215-348-6219
  • Earned Income Tax, Berkheimer & Associates (until December 31, 2011), 215-257-4190*
*Beginning January 1, 2012, the new Bucks County Earned Income Tax collector will be Keystone Collections Group. The Borough recommends all businesses receive the recommended free training on the new tax law (Act 32) through Keystone. More information can be found on their site. Contact Information: Keystone Collections Group 546 Wendel Road Irwin, PA 15642 724.978.0300

Maintenance of Lawns and Trees

Any vegetation not planted as ornamental or edible may not grow in excess of 10 inches in height. Trees located along any borough street must be maintained as to not interfere with utility wires along the street. Tree branches must also be maintained as to not obstruct the view of the street from the operators of vehicles along the street.

Snow Removal from Sidewalks

Sidewalks must be kept free from snow and ice along a 3-foot width for the entire length of the sidewalk. Businesses must do so within six hours of snow or ice cessation. If cessation occurs after 6 p.m., removal must be completed prior to noon the following day. Snow or ice may not be deposited on or against a fire hydrant, on any street, or on another property without the express permission of the owner of that property. Piles of snow may not accumulate along a borough street, within six feet of the street unless no higher than three feet.

Building Construction

Permits are required for most new construction, renovation and demolition within Borough limits. Please call Borough Hall prior to making any such changes. Go to Fee Schedules to find costs associated with construction or demolition projects.

Trash Collection and Recycling

Businesses are not required by borough ordinance to participate in the trash and recycling program established by Borough Council. To decide if you would like to participate in the Borough’s in-house program check out the Trash Ordinance, Schedule and Rules and Regulations and the Trash Program report. If you choose to use a private hauler for trash collection, please be sure the company is licensed in Perkasie Borough by asking them directly or calling Borough Hall, 215-257-5065.

Door-Door Soliciting

Any transient retail business within Perkasie Borough limits can operate only after obtaining an approved permit issued by the Perkasie Borough Police Department. Please stop in to Perkasie Police Department, 311 South 9th Street to fill out the application.Go to Fee Schedule for costs associated with retail transient licenses.

Amusement Devices

An annual fee of $65 is imposed for the first amusement device used for profit within Borough limits and $25 for additional devices permitted under the same application. This fee is adjusted from time to time by resolution. A written application must accompany the annual fee which is due at the beginning of each year. It is unlawful to install, operate or maintain an amusement device without proper licensing and fee requirements. The license must be posted in a conspicuous place on the premises of the licensee. The license is not transferable to another party or another device. If the number of devices increases, an amended permit must be obtained.


Borough code regulates the location and area of all types of signs including awnings, roof, vehicle window and real estate. A sign permit must be obtained before constructing and placing a sign on any property in the borough. Contact the Borough Manager with questions relating to signs or stop into Borough Hall to obtain a permit application.

Numbering Buildings

All buildings affronting a public street must display the street number of the property in Arabic figures at least 3 inches in height. The numbers should be placed so that they are easily read from the street to assist emergency vehicle drivers.

Alarm Devices

Security alarms must be on a timing mechanism that will disengage alarm after no longer than 15 minutes. Reporting type alarm devices must report directly to the Bucks County Radio Room and repair service must be available 24 hours a day. Installation of alarms must be registered with the Perkasie Borough Police Department. A form may be obtained by calling 215-257-6876. False alarms, beginning with the third subsequent false alarm, will be subject to a $50 fine that helps cover the cost of response. The number of false alarms begins at -0- with each new year.

Important Phone Numbers

Call 911 for an Emergency
Perkasie Borough Hall 215-257-5065
Perkasie Police, non-emergency 215-257-6876
Perkasie Fire Company, non-emergency 215-257-6950
Perkasie Ambulance, non-emergency 215-453-1585
Pennridge School District, main number 215-257-5011
Perkasie Regional Authority, water & sewer 215-257-3654
Samuel Pierce Library 215-257-2821
Perkasie Post Office 215-257-6316
District Court 215-257-5181
Grand View Hospital 215-453-4000
Comcast Cable TV 215-257-8046
UGI Utilities, gas service 800-276-2722
Menlo Aquatics Center 215-453-7126