Officials & Administration

Perkasie was incorporated as a municipal government known as a “borough” in 1879. Borough Hall is located at 620 West Chestnut Street and, with few exceptions, public meetings of Borough Council and various municipal boards and commissions are held there.

The governing body consists of a Mayor and nine Council persons, three from each of the Borough’s wards. Council is organized into committees that cover all areas of municipal government responsibility. The Borough Manager, appointed by Council, serves as the Borough Secretary.

Other groups of citizens appointed by Council aid in the administration of specific functions. These boards and commissions include the Zoning Hearing Board, Planning Commission, Parks and Recreation Board, Perkasie Borough Authority Board and Perkasie Industrial Development Authority.

If you are interested in appointment to a board, please call Perkasie Borough Hall, 215-257-5065 or stop in to obtain an application.

Borough Council

title | name — year term expires | telephone
Mayor | John Hollenbach — 2017 | (215) 257-7617
Council President, Ward 3 James Ryder — 2017 | | (215) 258-3806
Council Vice President, Ward 2 | James E. Purcell — 2019 | (215) 257-9215
Council, Ward 1 | Matthew Aigeldinger — 2017| (215) 257-6613
Council, Ward 1 | Steven F. Pizzollo — 2019 | (267) 566-2011  
Council, Ward 1 | Chuck Brooks — 2017 | (215) 896-7830
Council, Ward 2 | Steven Rose — 2017 | (215) 257-2186
Council, Ward 2 | Aaron Clark –2017 | (215) 264-9956 |
Council, Ward 3 |  Scott Bomboy— 2017 | (215) 527-1016
Council, Ward 3 | Suzanne Kravitz — 2019 | (215) 258-0196
Youth Councilor | Jakob Aigeldinger

Borough Administration

Borough Manager, Secretary | Andrea L. Coaxum
Finance Director, Treasurer | Joseph Berardi
Parks & Recreation Director  | Carolyn Hanel
Engineer | Gilmore & Associates, Inc. 65 E. Butler Avenue, Suite 100 New Britain, PA 18901 215-345-4330
Solicitor | Nathan D. Fox, Begley, Carlin & Mandio, LLP,  680 Middletown Boulevard Langhorne, PA 19047 215-750-0110
Chief of Police | Steven Hillias
Director of Public Works | Daniel Gilbert
Electric Superintendent | Harold Stone
Building Official | Code Inspections, Inc.
Code Enforcement Administrator | Brandy McKeever
District Justice | Charles Baum 705 West Market Street Perkasie, PA 18944 215-257-5181 Auditors | Richard B. Styer Associates P.O. Box 64080 20 South School Lane Souderton, PA 18964 215-723-0974
Perkasie Borough Emergency Management Coordinator | Steve Reichman 267 374-1332

Tax Collectors

Real Estate | Judith Patton 356 Kent Lane Perkasie, PA 18944 Ph: 215-258-3442 Fax: 215-258-3442 Term expires January 2018.
Earned Income | Keystone Collections Group 546 Wendel Road Irwin, PA 15642 724-978-0300
Real Estate Transfer | Recorder of Deeds Bucks County Courthouse Administration Building Doylestown, PA 18901 215-348-6209

Boards, Authorities, & Commissions

Perkasie Regional Authority  (formerly PBA)

5 year term
The Authority has the responsibility of overseeing the public water and sewer utility. The Authority consists of five members and a solicitor.
Steve Algeo — 2018,
Robert Wasson — 2021 
J. Thomas Horn — 2020,
Lawrence Gular — 2017,
David Watt — 2019
John Schaeffer, Solicitor

Civil Service Commission

4 year term
The Civil Service Commission is responsible for personnel administration for Police Officers in the Borough including oversight of testing, promotions, and review of disciplinary matters. The Civil Service Commission has three members and a solicitor.
Dale Haring | Chairman — 2021
Brian Black — 2022 
Bill Beno — 2020
Melissa Fiala, Solicitor

Planning Commission

4 year term
This Board has the responsibility for advising Borough Council on land use planning, zoning proposals and the Borough’’s Comprehensive Plan. It is a unique opportunity for individuals to serve their community and be involved with critical issues of subdivisions, zoning and planning.
Angela Benner — 2020
John Cornelius | Secretary — 2017
Barbara Faust | Vice Chairperson  — 2018
Eileen Bradley — 2018
Aaron Clark — 2017
Carolyn McCreary Chairperson — 2018
Scott Bomboy — 2019
Kevin Roberts — 2019
Tracy Tackett, Tackett Planning Associates

Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB)

5 year term
The ZHB performs an important function in reviewing appeals and variances to the Borough Zoning Ordinance.  The Zoning Hearing Board usually meets once a month on the fourth Monday of the month. This Board consists of six members and two alternates.
David R. Barndt | Chairperson — 2017
John Yannaccone | Vice Chairperson — 2018
Dennis Hurchalla | Secretary — 2021 
Andrew Rumbold — 2020
David Weaver –2019
Randy Faulkner | Sr. Alternate –2017
John Wilcox | Jr. Alternate –2019
Colby Grim, Solicitor

Pennridge Wastewater Treatment Authority 

(Perkasie Representatives)

5 year term
Appointment to the PWTA is an opportunity for individuals to serve the community on the board which establishes rates for sewer treatment and oversees the operations of the regional sewer treatment plants. Perkasie Borough appoints three residents to serve on the Pennridge Wastewater Treatment Authority.
Bob Wasson — 2018
Steve Rose — 2021 
Steve Algeo — 2018

Vacancy Board

Annual Term
The Vacancy Board is the organization that would meet to select a candidate for Borough Council should a vacancy occurs during the regular term of office of that Council member. The Vacancy Board is composed of the remaining members of Borough Council plus one citizen member who serves as Chairman and acts as the tie breaker.
John Knouse — 2018

Industrial Development Authority 

5 year term
The Authority is a conduit for private financing of economic development projects in Bucks County.  This Authority consists of five members and a solicitor. The Industrial Development Authority does not meet regularly, only when there is a project requesting financing.
Neil Fosbenner – 2019
Charles Baum — 2018
Paul McColgan — 2019
Derek Brown– 2021 
Dave Caro– 2018
Marc Davis, Solicitor

Park and Recreation Board

3 year term
The Board meets monthly, currently on the first Wednesday, and advises Council on many issues associated with Parks and Recreation. The Park & Recreation Board was established by Borough Council to provide policy guidance on matters relating to all parks and recreation facilities and programs provided by the Borough. Primary concerns of the Park & Recreation Board include providing for adequate parks and open space to meet the needs of the community and providing citizens of Perkasie with a diverse number of programs for people of all ages. The Board consists of nine members, all appointed by Borough Council for terms of three years in which the terms of no more than two persons expire the same year.  A youth delegate age 15 and older may be appointed by Borough Council.  Members of the Park & Recreation Board serve without pay, and vacancies are filled by Council for the remainder of the unexpired term. All meeting agenda are posted on the Borough’ website. 
Nelson Hollenbach | Chair, 2019
Chris Uncango | Vice Chairperson, 2019
Barbara Hollenbach — 2018,
Judith Decker — 2017,  
Lisa Walters –2018,
Melissa Kilderry  — 2018,
Mary Pappas –2018,
Bethany Schwendy  — 2019,
Kathleen Rocchetti – 2019,
Aaron Clark, Council Liaison
Youth Delegate – Cameron Sadler

Property Maintenance Code Board of Appeals

The Property Maintenance Appeals Board is the administrative hearing board that was established by ordinance to hear appeals from property owners who have been cited for property maintenance code and certain nuisance code violations. The board members (none of whom are Borough employees) are appointed by the Borough Council for four-year terms. Volunteering to serve on the Property Maintenance Code Board of Appeals for Perkasie Borough requires experience in one of the desired fields: registered architect or builder or superintendent of building construction with 10 years experience, registered structural engineer or professional with architectural experience, registered mechanical or plumbing engineer experience or mechanical or plumbing contractor with 10 years experience, registered electrical engineer experience or an electrical contractor with 10 years experience, registered fire protection engineer or a fire protection contractor with 10 years experience. A more detailed list of qualifications is available at the Borough Office. The Appeals Board will serve an important quasi-judicial function in the Borough, but is not expected to meet more than a few times per year. This Board of Appeals will consist of five members and two alternates. This board currently has vacancies for two alternate positions to the Board. The alternate members would be called upon by the board chairman to hear appeals during the absence or disqualification of a member. Alternate members will possess the same qualifications required for board membership, and will be appointed for five years or until a successor has been appointed.
Dave Worthington — 2018
Raymond Weidner — 2017
J.R. Hunsberger — 2021
Robert Winn — 2020
Keith Heil — 2019

Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals (Borough Building Code)

The Perkasie Borough Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals is a three-member board established to comply with the requirements of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, which currently requires construction to comply with the 2006 International Code Series. Specifically, the Building Code Board of Appeals can hear appeals on three grounds: 1. that the true intent of the code was incorrectly interpreted 2. that the code doesn’t apply 3. that an equivalent form of protection is provided. Members are appointed by the Borough Council and meet as needed if appeals are filed. Members of this Board of Appeals are appointed by the Borough Council and are experienced in matters pertaining to building construction. A member of the Board shall be qualified by training and experience which may consist of license as an architect or engineer, experience in the construction industry and/or training or experience as an inspector or plan reviewer. Members of a municipality’s governing body and its code administrators may not serve on this Board of Appeals. The meetings and hearings are held as requested in the Borough Hall building and are open to the public.
Keith Heil,
Jeff Crozier,
Cheryleen Strothers,
Mark Hosterman, Solicitor

2017 Borough Council Committees 

Public Works

Vacant | Chairperson,
Steve Pizzollo,
Aaron Clark
Chuck Brooks

Public Utility

Jim Purcell | Chairperson,
Steve Pizzollo, 
James Ryder


Jim Ryder | Chairperson,
Scott Bomboy,
Matt Aigeldinger,

Personnel & Policy

Matt Aigeldinger | Chairperson,
Scott Bomboy, 
Suzanne Kravitz,
Jim Ryder

Economic Development

Chuck Brooks | Chairperson,
Scott Bomboy,
Jim Purcell ,
Matt Aigeldinger

Planning & Zoning

Steve Pizzollo | Chairperson,
Chuck Brooks,
Jim Purcell, 

Park & Recreation

Aaron Clark, Chairperson,  
Scott Bomboy, 
Suzanne Kravitz,
Jim Purcell

Constituent Outreach Committee

The mission of the Outreach Committee is to ensure that each and every Perkasie Borough resident and business has the opportunity to share their ideas, questions and potential Borough improvements directly with Borough Council representatives in a friendly, casual discussion.
 | Ward 2, Chairperson
James Ryder | Ward 3  
Steven Pizzollo | Ward 1  

Quality of Life Task Force

Chuck Brooks | Chairperson
Suzanne Kravitz
Aaron Clark
Matt Aigeldinger

Borough Council Liaisons

Perkasie Regional Authority | Vacant
Zoning Hearing Board |
Chuck Brooks,
Perkasie Planning Commission |
Steve Pizzollo,  
Park & Recreation | 
Aaron Clark