The Public Works Department announced that the annual leaf collection  program will begin October 17.

Residents are reminded to rake their leaves to the curb for pick up and to be careful not to include rocks, large sticks or other debris in the pile that would damage the large vacuums the department uses to collect the leaves. In areas where there are no curbs please be sure to have the leaves raked to within 5 feet of the roadway edge to make the collection process as efficient as possible.

 Please do not block storm drains with piles of leaves. Cars parked on top of the piles will make it impossible for our crews to pick up the leaves as we make our rounds. There is also a danger of fire, if cars with a hot exhaust system are parked on top of a pile of dry leaves. There will be no call backs for piles under cars, so please be sure to have all piles accessible for pick up.

Additional information is available at: