Monthly Archives: October 2014

County Sidewalk on Walnut Street Bridge Open

Repairs to the sidewalk along the Walnut Street Bridge have been completed. The repair project was successful and the sidewalk was opened late Wednesday.  Despite being an unexpected repair, the project was completed ahead of schedule. When the pedestrian span failed inspection at the end of the summer, the County had expected the bidding and construction of the project to extend into December.

In the beginning of October, Bucks County moved forward with $112,900 in repairs to the Walnut Street bridge (County Bridge No. 13) despite plans to tear it down sometime in the future.

The construction plans for the pedestrian and vehicular span over the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek have been in the works since the early 90’s.  Funding the project was an issue early on until federal dollars were secured. Since then, the County has been working hard on changing the project plans, specifications and bidding documents into strict accordance with PennDOT formatting and procedures. Environmental and cultural resource approvals also had to be reviewed by Federal agencies.

The current schedule for the project on the state Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) is to have the project bid in the Spring of 2018, but all parties are working to compress that schedule if possible.

Perkasie Fire Protection Tax Referendum

The Fire Company will be hosting an Open House-type event on Saturday, October 25th from Noon to 3:00 pm to help answer any questions from the public before the election in November. There will be a question on the ballot asking residents if they support an increase in the Fire Tax millage in the amount of 0.5 mil to support capital projects at the Fire Station.

Perkasie Borough Referendum (Ballot Question) November 4, 2014 General Election

The language on the ballot will be as follows:
“Shall Perkasie Borough Council levy an additional real estate tax of 0.5 mills for the purpose of funding fire department services in the Borough? YES or NO”

Plain English Statement: The ballot question asks the voters of Perkasie Borough whether the Borough Council should assess an additional tax of 0.5 mills, bringing the total fire services tax to 1.5 mills for the purpose of funding fire and rescue services within Perkasie Borough.

A vote of YES approves the levying of an additional real estate tax of 0.5 mills for this purpose.

To read a copy of the memorandum that was prepared for the first open house-style meeting, please click below.

PFC – Funding Request

The Fire Tax is currently at 1 mil, with the entire amount dedicated to pay for the ladder truck that was purchased in 2006. The Fire Company is looking to continue that 1 mil to purchase a pumper/ engine in 2015. They are also requesting an additional 0.5 mil in funding to help fund capital projects.